The tax industry is a $258B industry. 126,000,000 people electronically file their taxes and 58% use professional tax preparers just like you. 

Our tax preparation software and excellent customer service gives you a piece of the action. Completing 100 to 400 tax returns during the tax season gives you the salary of a full time job with no experience necessary. The ease of working from the comfort of your home, never missing an important event, never worrying about asking for a day off. You work the first four months of the year, the rest you can spend traveling or whatever you choose. There’s no need to work for $10-15 an hour for some big chain when we can offer you a tax preparation partnership no EFIN required.

TAXX SAVAGE has high standards; we prepare you for the task by giving you all the necessary tools to succeed. This opportunity can be a full-time, part-time, or as a side business. If you are a business minded professional or you want to be then Taxx Savage is the answer you’ve been looking for.


Open Your Own Home Based Tax Business

No Experience Necessary

Online Training



Are you Interested in starting you own tax prep business?

Not making your desired salary working for someone else?

Scared to make that move?

TAXX SAVAGE has a moderate start-up cost with an intuitive, cloud-based software platform, and complete series of training videos that makes using our tax preparation software a breeze. And don’t be fooled, our price may be small but our software is mighty with all the features you could ask for! Even better, we do not revenue share and NO  EFIN needed to use our software.

Our team encourages, inspires, and empowers you to create the financial freedom you deserve. We provide the tools to start and grow your tax business, including assisting you with marketing strategies. We give you access to all the tools you can use to run and scale your business just like those big franchises.  You can offer up to $5000 in cash advances to your clients.

When you win, we win. We are invested in making sure that you are a success.

Our Packages

We have the best in class cloud-based platform for tax preparation software at an affordable price.

We make it easy for your clients to upload, scan, and sign their tax documents with our phone app.

Why do things the old-fashioned way when we include quick, responsive mobile apps as part of our platform?

Hate marketing? Just not great at it? Don’t worry, we can help there, too. Our optional marketing packages contain everything you need for your new business. From business cards, logos, and advertisements made just for your business you have options with us!

Even if you don’t purchase our optional marketing package, our video training course for learning how to use the tax preparation software includes a course on marketing basics. We discuss easy, basic advertising strategies and a list of places to post ads that are cheap or free to help you get your business off on the right foot.

When we say no EFIN needed we mean a real partnership. We’re only successful if you are and we give you all the knowledge and tools we have to make that happen.

Want to go big or grow your existing tax prep business? 

Looking to create your own tax preparation business?

We have software expansion access that include our training modules for only $99 for existing customers! This means that you can hire additional tax prep specialists for your business and you don’t even have to have a EFIN or  train them first because we’ll take care of that! Build your legacy today with Taxx Savage.

Successful Installations

Happy Clients

Years of Experience


I have tried other products, but this one is certainly the best. It brings efficiency to a new level of simplicity. Its compatible with other businesses, the convenience of having the payment extracted from her tax refund was impressive

Jeremiah Jones


This year was a learning curve due to the new tax laws. This company helped me with complex returns. A wealth of knowledge. I’ll definitely will choose them again next year, and I highly recommend them.

Jodi Black


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Taxx Savage offer training?

Yes. We provide training for both the software usage AND for tax preparers just starting out. These training videos are great for small businesses already established who are looking to hire on new tax preparers without experience. Once you’ve partnered with us, you have access to our basic training modules in addition to the continuing education credits from an accredited school we have partnered with to gain additional certifications and training to tackle complex tax issues. The certificates you receive look great on your office wall or website!

How do I get paid?

Your fees are deducted from your client’s tax refund. The bank products you use will extract your fees and services charges directly from their refund. 

What are the requirements to prepare taxes professionally?

  1. A PTIN or Preparer Tax Identification Number. We walk you through the steps of going to the IRS.gov website to obtain your number. It takes about 15 minutes as long as you meet the current requirements. Costs are different each year but it’s stayed pretty steady around $60 for your PTIN and about $15-20 each year to renew your number. That fee is determined by the IRS, not Taxx Savage.
  2. EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) in order to electronically submit tax returns to the IRS you must have this number. This process is longer and more complicated but you can either choose to forgo getting an EFIN entirely by partnering with Taxx Savage or you can submit your application for your own EFIN and while still partnering with Taxx Savage to prevent losing business while you wait.

Do I need experience doing taxes?

Nope! A high school diploma or equivalent is suggested to be a tax preparer but not required. Tax preparers can complete training programs like the ones we provide or can be trained on the job. We provide all the training needed to use the Taxx Savage software as well as how to prepare taxes for those with no experience.

What if I need help or have questions while preparing taxes?

The software is user friendly and guides you through the process automatically so most people don’t have many questions after they go through training and start doing taxes. There is also what is called ‘interview mode’ so you don’t forget the right questions to ask your clients or to take the right actions in the software. 

However if you do have a question about taxes or software you can contact us through the live chat option during our normal business hours (see our footer for current hours of operation) or you can use the same place to leave a message for us. If it’s a complex issue we may need to have our in-house tax auditor address it and that can sometimes take a couple of days for an answer, more during peak tax season.

For complex tax questions, you can also just call the IRS. We have found them to be very friendly and helpful. But just like our in-house team, if it’s peak tax season (usually February and April are the worst) then it may take a while to get through. Just the nature of the business! 

Does Taxx Savage have an app?

We sure do! We have a downloadable app that allows your customers to take pictures of their documents, upload them, sign them, and anything else you need all with their phone on the app. How easy is that? 

Do you support your partners all year or just during tax season?

You can contact us ANY time of the year. As we said above, if it’s peak tax season there may be delays but we support you all year long.

Is there a limit on the number of tax returns I can prepare?

Definitely not. We want you to prepare as many returns as possible. Our success is directly tied to your success. 

Can I add this to my existing business?

You sure can. If preparing taxes isn’t your primary business structure, adding tax services can be a great match with several industries. If you have a credit repair business, are a financial planner, insurance agent, or another financial based business you can partner with us and collect fees from your client’s refund for convenience. Think how easy it would be to slip a note into an email or a physical mailing about your new services to your existing client base? And how many new clients you could bring in with those services?

Can I offer cash advances?

Yes! That is one of our bank products. You can offer pre-acknowledgement loans – which are done before the IRS opens – as well as in-season loans. Your clients have options as to how they want to receive their refund like ACH, direct deposit, money card, or a check by mail. 

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