These days people want an app for just about everything. Or they don’t have access to a computer at all and need to do their work with you by phone. Our custom branded mobile app is the perfect solution for your clients! Our app lets you receive important tax information from your clients wherever you are. They don’t need to wait in line at your office or even come to see you at all. Save time and keep your clients happier with the Taxx Savage Mobile App.

  • Convenient – Quickly receive all the information you need to file your clients’ returns. And customize the app with your company name and logo for easy recognition.
  • Intuitive – Our app sends everything – like contacts, pictures, phone numbers, and sensitive tax documents – right to you so you don’t have to work through stacks and stacks of forms.
  • Secure – Receive your clients’ tax documents and personal information through our secure portal.

Create a mobile tax office that’s perfect for all clients:Military

  • Single parents
  • Millennials
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to come to your tax office

You can easily add this to your current package offering if you have your own EFIN number and it’s only $49 as a one-time cost. No logo of your own? We have a package for that, too. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does the Taxx Savage Mobile app eliminate the need for a preparer? No. They will still need you! There is no way for the client to do their taxes by themselves with this app. What it does do is make your job easier and your client more satisfied by having a quick, easy method of sending you information. Where can my customers download the app? They can download the app from your unique link. It is also available in the Google Play or Apple store. How do clients get my branded app? Once your client signs up you simply go into your Account Hub and send them the referral link. When they enter their information the app will brand itself with your information when they login. Why don’t I see my branded app in the app store? Your clients won’t see your branded app in the app store. The base Taxx Savage mobile app has a filter over it using your logo once they log in. What if my client doesn’t have a smart phone? You can send your clients to the client portal with a special link so they can enter their information using a computer. If your client doesn’t have a computer you can gently remind them that computers are available at almost all public libraries, they just have to get a library card. Will information from last year’s app pull forward into this year? No. We rebuild the app every year for the sake of security so all of your clients will need to download it fresh each year and reenter their information. If they complain just tell them their information is safer this way, which it is. Does the information from the documents my client sends over get automatically uploaded into the program or do I have to do something else? When your client sends information it doesn’t get uploaded automatically. You must view/print the documents to complete the tax return. But their base information like name, filing status, dependents, and social security number among other things will upload automatically so it’s easy to find your client and their information. I already pulled my client’s return from the app but I had an error or had to restart. Can I pull that information again or is it lost? Yes you can. If you delete or deactivate the tax return, their information will go back into the queue so you can re-pull it. You’ll see it available in the list for you to claim.