You already have your EFIN or have applied for one. That’s your first step to financial freedom. 

Maybe you’ve been working for a tax preparation company for years or maybe you already have an EFIN. You prepare taxes for your clients on the side. You may own a business like insurance, credit repair, accounting, etc. 

You’ve got to THINK BIG to make it in this world and we make it easy for you to function with freedom while making a great income as a tax professional. Why make $5,000 during the tax season as a side hustle to your existing business when you could make $40,000 and up instead?

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  • Qualify for FREE software
  • Don’t want to train new tax preparers how to do taxes or how to use the software? WE DO IT FOR YOU and it’s FREE. 
  • Don’t want to keep forking over a share of your revenue from tax prep or pay super high service bureau fees? Our professional tax software is FREE with NO service bureau fee, NO revenue sharing, NO BS. 
  • Don’t want to take the time to do extra marketing for your business? From logos to flyers to mailers we can do it for you crazy cheap!
  • Offer your clients perks like cash advances, no upfront costs, audit protection, and more.
  • Collect up to $10k in rebates.
  • Enjoy the ease of software with full cloud access and a customizable mobile app – all your clients can upload documents and e-sign without ever coming to your office.

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