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  • If you request help for anything concerning your clients, always identify them with their first initial, last name, and last 4 of their social security number
  • State your issue clearly and concisely
  • If you are having a bank issue, you may need to send us their full social security number
  • Please remember that we don’t know your clients or their issue until you tell us about it
  • General questions are quickly answered by our TaxxBot. It has the power of the entire US tax code as well as FAQs for Taxx Savage
  • Our text only line will give you the quickest responses for more complex questions at 267-710-7581

The Corporate Link software is for Windows only and the requirements for your computer can be found below. If you would like to install this optional component because you plan to complete either business returns, city forms, or other specialty forms found only on the Corporate Link desktop version please make an appointment with customer service for a screenshare installation. The install will take approximately 30 minutes and if you are not at your phone and computer at the appointed time it will need to be rescheduled.

You can download the 2022 version of the software here.

You can download the 2023 version of the software here. (Note: each year the software is not available until mid-to-late December on average for the new tax season)

To schedule an appointment please contact customer service.

Minimum Requirements:

✔️ Computer: Processor with a minimum CPU Mark score of 3000 for the computer designated as the file server or a minimum score of 2500 for a workstation (

✔️ Operating System: Windows 10 with the latest updates

✔️ Memory: Minimum 4 GB of RAM

✔️ Disk Space: 750 MB per tax year

✔️ USB: USB 3.0 or higher

✔️ Printer: HP-compatible laser printer (Inkjet printers are not recommended for check printing)

✔️ Screen Resolution:1024 x 768

✔️ Internet Connection: High Speed Internet Connection

✔️ Web Browser: The latest version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox

✔️ USB or Flash Drive for backing up data (USB 3.0 or higher strongly recommended)

✔️ Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

✔️ Latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework

Please note that there is no availability for Windows OS below 10 or for Macintosh/Apple computer systems.

Mobile App/Customer Portal

The Customer Portal and Mobile App selection is only available during the current tax year. Click here for usage instructions and video. If your client says they sent documents to you and you don’t see them they may need to back through the app and complete the process all the way to the end. In most cases they haven’t finished the application process. 

Return Submission Process

We provide a cursory review of every return submitted using our EFIN. As a PTIN holder you can not submit your own returns directly to the IRS so we must do it for you. Once you have completed a return, mark the return for review and it will notify our team. The review team can and may request additional documents or ask for explanations and if this happens to you please comply. If you are randomly selected to provide additional information by our review team they will email you and place notes in the software. Follow instructions and provide the documents in a reasonable amount of time. If the requests aren’t responded to and documentation provided as needed the return in question will not be e-filed. The review team has a non-biased interest and holds all parties in the best regards. All signatures are required prior to submission. Please see the ‘Signatures’ section for more details.

Please watch this video to see how to submit a return and mark it for review. Make sure to also watch the rest of our software training videos, available on the left side of your portal.

When submitting a return, you must have a minimum of:

  • Your client’s valid, unexpired driver’s license or state issued ID
  • Supporting documentation such as W2, 1099, social security cards, birth certificates for dependents, court orders, etc.
  • Other documents as requested at the discretion of the reviews team

Once you have submitted a return for review it will automatically notify the reviews team with the following exceptions:

  • Prior year returns
  • Amended returns
  • Corporate returns

If you have any of these types of returns please notify the reviews team directly that the return was submitted or it will be delayed. If you have used the payment links for these returns and filled out the form the review team will be notified once payment has been made. For prior year returns you can use the non-bank product return link located in your Partner Portal, then after you’ve entered the client’s first initial, last name, and last 4 numbers of their social security number you can write something like ‘PRIOR YEAR RETURN 2021’ to notify the reviews team that it is in that queue. They do not look in prior years unless instructed to do so by you or a member of our staff.

The same goes for the amended returns. Make sure to indicate which year the amended return is from. 

In the case of corporate returns you must also create a password inside the desktop software and send them an email with the password, first initial, last name, and the last 4 # of their social security number as identifiers. 

Please note: the reviews team will review and submit your tax returns and troubleshoot what documents are sufficient but they will not follow up with you in regards to requests for status updates on returns. Your software will be up to date with the latest information in regards to acceptance, rejections, etc. If you have any questions about a rejection code or other tax question, your most immediate response will come from TaxxBot. If you still have questions, please contact the reviews team.

Contact the reviews team at

Rejected Returns 

When your client’s return is rejected, please check the reject code and correct the errors. Once you have done this, while still in the corrected return, deselect the review button>save and exit>go back into the return>reselect for review. To ensure your return was requested, you must also email the reviews team to inform them the return is ready. When emailing the review team, always identify yourself and your client. For your client include their first initial, last name, and last 4 numbers of their social security. If you have not corrected the return upon submission, you will be charged a re-work fee of $5 each time it is submitted without correction. You can pay this fee from the button in your Partner Portal and we suggest paying prior to submission since it will not be reworked until the fee has been paid. You have the opportunity to add comments for the review team on the bottom of the rework form.

Signature Setup

When you receive the Taxx Software login details, please immediately set up your signature. Your returns can’t be transmitted without it and every year there is a learning curve for our clients to get started because their signature isn’t in place. Please follow these steps:

Access configuration>Choose the preparer’s name> In the lower section, locate the electronic signature option>Configure the signature settings.

This signature enables pre-signing for every return. Alternatively, opt for the Preparer Default Pin Number for automatic client return signing in case of software complications.

Bank Products

Offer your clients the choice to receive your services without upfront fees. The bank product fees are the following:

$39.95 bank fee

$46 RCS

$89 Taxx Savage fee 

The bank collects your preparation fees and sends them to Taxx Savage. Taxx Savage then does an internal audit of funds disbursed by the bank. Then the prep fees are deposited into your bank account.

Pre-Acknowledgement Advances

Pre-Acknowledgement Advances are prior to the IRS opening. The banks commence payouts starting January 2nd.

If your client wants to know if they were approved for an advance, you can enter their cell phone number to receive an alert on their status. All communications come straight from the bank. You can obtain their approval status from the dropdown tools bar located in the client list. Select client name>client status>view acceptance. WARNING: The bank does not always correctly communicate the interest to the software. Some advances have interest and some are interest free (the interest is not always correct). 

Regarding advances and refund payouts, you can have these put onto a card for same day or sent as a 24 hour direct deposit. Checks will be printed in our corporate office and mailed to you within 3-4 business days. 

The bank will charge a $75 marketing fee for pre-ack advances, which will be paid from your prep fees. 

In-Season Advances

After the tax season opens the preparer is charged a $34.95 marketing fee from the bank for this service and it is paid from your preparer fees. You can place this advance on a card, however as of 2022 you will not be charged a marketing fee for using this method so it is recommended to use this as much as possible to avoid those fees. However, there is still direct deposit and check availability. Please check for updates from Taxx Savage to ensure this promotion is still relevant. 

Please note: if you requested cards for your clients and don’t use them all you can reuse them from season to season unless you’ve been notified that you can’t.

Audit Maintenance (AMP)

This is an ancillary product to protect your clients from any mistakes you may have made in completing the return or just in the case the IRS decides to audit them for another reason. Using this product covers your client for 3 years on that return, up to $2500. Example, your client owes the IRS $2000 because of your mistake. The AMP will handle the IRS for your client. Think of it as insurance. It’s always there when you need it. 

If you complete 100 bank product returns you will receive $10 for every AMP you selected for your clients. If you are using AMP on a non-bank product return you will be responsible for payment of that amount in addition to the standard return fee before the return is processed. See your Partner Portal for the payment link. 

Offset Line

Call 800-304-3107 before applying for an advance or submitting a tax return, confirm there are no offsets on your client’s account. These can be from child support, government debt, tax liens, and so forth. You don’t want to do all that hard work and not get your preparation fees! So do the wise thing and call every time.

Non-Bank Products

You have the option to not use a bank product and you will be responsible for collecting your prep fees along with paying the Taxx Savage non-bank product fee prior to IRS submission and any other ancillary fees that are due (this is the Taxx Savage standard return fee and not an additional fee). Payment links can be found inside your Partner Portal and also inside your tax software portal on the sidebar. Your clients can NOT use these links to pay for their returns.

If you have signed up for Savage Solutions this is as easy as creating a product on your webpage or landing page and directing your clients to go there to pay. Otherwise you must set up your own payment method when collecting your fees. 

When using the links to pay for these services, please fill out the appropriate spaces that will take you to the payment area at the bottom of the form. You can choose to pay for multiple returns at one time. Once you click the button to submit, you will be directed to Stripe to make your payment. From here you must use the drop down to choose the quantity of returns you are paying for. Please make sure to include complete information requested on the form and pay for all returns or it will cause a delay.

TaxxBot – Your AI Tax Assistant

Introducing TaxxBot, our AI-powered chatbot designed to assist with tax law understanding and frequently asked Taxx Savage questions. TaxxBot is equipped with the complete US tax code and Taxx Savage FAQs to offer comprehensive support to our clients. 

To ensure effective interactions with TaxxBot, adhere to these usage guidelines:

 Clear and Specific Questions: Articulate your questions clearly and specifically. This helps TaxxBot accurately understand your inquiry and provide relevant responses.

◾ Use of Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords related to your tax query like ‘EITC rules’ or ‘real estate taxes’. TaxxBot employs these keywords to match your question with suitable information from its database.

◾ Avoiding Jargon: Utilize plain language and avoid technical jargon. TaxxBot is designed to provide user-friendly explanations that are easily comprehensible.

◾ One Question at a Time: Present one question or issue at a time. This enables TaxxBot to address each query thoroughly before proceeding to the next.

◾ Reviewing Responses: Thoughtfully review the responses offered by TaxxBot. It may propose multiple suggestions or solutions, so select the one that best aligns with your situation.

◾ When asking TaxxBot questions it may provide complex answers. You can always ask it to provide a simpler explanation or analogy to assist in your understanding.

Unlimited Users

When you need to add additional preparers under your office please understand that you are the office manager for your business and we do not talk to your employees. All forms for your additional preparers must be submitted by you, not your employees. Additionally, please make sure that all requested documents on the form are submitted with the form and are correct, not expired, and clearly visible to avoid delays. 

You can locate the form in your Partner Portal by clicking the ‘Add a Preparer’ button. There is no charge for adding additional preparers and you may have as many as you like. 

When submitting returns for expanding offices with multiple preparers, ensure that the Data Entry Preparer(s) change the usernames to that particular PTIN holder before submitting returns for review. Otherwise, there may be delays.

Pay Period

For disbursements for your clients please check the software status bar>dropdown to ‘Tools’>dropdown box ‘Client Status’.

You will receive your payment 7–10 days after bank disbursement. Once the bank configures the amount of money owed and it is deposited in our account, we must sort and process the payments. 

All marketing fees ($34.95 for in-season and $75 for pre-ack) are charged and extracted from your prep fees. Other fees for mailing checks and any ancillary fees owed will also be extracted. Previous year advances will be collected from your client’s funds until paid in full. Any prep fees from prior years will also be collected.

Tax prep fees are paid out every week during peak tax season, and it slow down to every 2-4 weeks as the season declines.

The order of the fees collected from the return is left to the discretion of the bank. They will collect from whichever return is funded first, state or federal. 

Your prep fee is the last concern to the bank. Be mindful of any offsets that your client may or may not have told you about such as child support, tax liens, judgements, etc. Call the offset line 800-304-3107 as we recommend before applying for any advances. 



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