young woman working from home

We get it. Today – more than ever – working from home is not just the dream, it’s the necessity. But even before we got struck by the plague, people were working from home. How did they do it? You probably came across them here and there and you had to stop and wonder ‘how did they find that?! Or ‘what makes them so damn special?’

And how many work from home schemes have you already tried? Most of them are expensive to start, require serious marketing and sales to make money (hello essential oils!), or they just don’t measure up to their initial promise. By that I mean they lied. Yeah. I said it. They L I E D to you.

Not all of us are sales-y. I mean, sure, being a salesperson can always help you in business, but not all of us want to do that, you know? Or maybe we just suck at it. I tried selling makeup and candles and essential oils and whatever else I could think of to make money while watching my kids, but I just didn’t know enough people and it was another one of those things that sounded GREAT… until I actually did it.

I was stuck with a bunch of junk I bought as a ‘starter’ and had less money than I started with. I probably still have makeup floating around somewhere and more essential oils than I know what to do with. Good thing you can use it on anything. Supposedly.

After I went back and listened to all the starry-eyed testimonials from smiling, perfect looking women I figured there must be something wrong with me not to be able to sell their products.

They said it was so easy. Sells itself.

Yeah, sure it does.

Then I tried other stuff, and none of it really worked. I remembered my mom doing the same thing when I was a kid and I figured I was just another sucker who had been scammed and assumed that there are no legit ways to make money from home.

I looked at going back to school but it’s soooo expensive and I couldn’t live with bringing even more debt to my family. After thinking about the pros and cons, I realized that there’s no guarantee I’d even get a job in the same field I went back to school for, so I could throw tens of thousands of dollars right in the toilet. And I’d be in an office or a classroom when I want to be home with my kids. I don’t want to pay someone else to watch them all the time. I want to BE there.

By the way, if you’re feeling discouraged, I understand. I’m not trying to make this a Depression Fest. I’m just saying that we’ve been there, too. Sometimes if you don’t have a college degree, it seems like you can never make it in the world and do something other than flipping burgers or babysitting.

Even if you have a college degree, what are you doing with it? How many stay at home moms and dads are sitting on their bachelor’s degrees doing nothing? Do you know how many waitresses I’ve met with a Master’s degree in psychology? Seriously, I’ve met a lot. 

I heard this one waitress talking to the hostess as I was checking out and they were talking about their degrees, their student loan debt, and why they weren’t working in the profession they went to school for. The hostess had a double Master’s in women’ studies and political science and the waitress had a Master’s degree in law. 

It blew my mind because here I was, thinking about how well I was doing working from home with very little formal education. For real, I don’t want to brag or inflate your expectations, but I make more than my husband and he makes good money! But then I looked back at these ladies and I just shook my head. They chatted about not being able to pay their loans back, but they didn’t have any plan to use their degrees for various reasons.

They didn’t have any other plans, either. They were just drifting through in their mid to late 30’s with no plans and no hope for the future. 

Waitresses work hard. I did my time on that, back in the day. I have a lot of respect for waitresses because it’s hard work and you get almost nothing at the end of the week. The paycheck for a waitress is barely enough to even pay the taxes she owes on tips. 

But respect doesn’t mean that I want to be a waitress again.

And why are they there? There are a lot of reasons for that, but the one I hear the most is either that the market was flooded (graphic artists…cough…cough) when they graduated or they just weren’t interested in the work by the time they finished. You’re only young once, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep paying for the mistakes of your youth forever. Well, student loans. Yeah, you have to pay for those. Sorry.

We don’t live in the 1970s but everyone keeps doing the same thing, over and over, as if we do. Only because the same things that worked for our parents and grandparents failed us, it’s worse. We have these expectations like go to college, have a career, and do whatever you’re supposed to do after that. 35 is the new 15, apparently. A lot of us wound up living back with our parents or our parents wound up living with us, and frankly it kind of sucks. 

To break that cycle – the insanity of practicing one task over and over again and expecting different results every time – we must do something different. Everyone has said that going to school online is the best thing ever. You don’t have to spend tons of money going to college; you can pick up a new trade for a few hundred bucks.

Sweet! Where do I sign up?

We can go online to one of the trillion and one e-learning platforms and learn a new skill. It took a lot of nerve to do that and now that you’ve figured it out you’re going to nail this. Piece of cake. You can do this! You’ve got skills now as a virtual assistant or graphic artist or writer. You signed up and learned how to use Google Data Studio to make wicked dashboards for executives in big cities and you’re on fire!

Google suites? You can do that? 

Calendaring? Yup.

Excel spreadsheets? You know it all! 

Except everyone in the Philippines has those same skills, and they charge a heck of a lot less than you do! 

How can you seriously compete with someone who charges $3 an HOUR?!

Yeah, welcome to the global economy. 

Here’s the deal, though:

People who want their taxes done want them done by someone who’s close to them. They are probably used to going to those big places who give impersonal service and charge a fortune for it. They’ll go in every year, even if they get crappy service, until something makes them really mad. Then they’ll go to another place and stay there forever until the same thing happens. 

Insanity, remember?

What if they came to see YOU instead? Even if it was just on the phone or Zoom? If you can give them what they are looking for, they will keep reaching back to you every year. Just don’t piss them off! Don’t worry, you don’t have to smile too much or whatever. You just have to be good at what you do, and that’s where we can help.

Our company was created by people who get it. Every day isn’t Instagram. Your life isn’t perfect, and neither is ours. We swear. Our kids can be butt-heads. Sometimes we re-wear a shirt or a pair of pants if it looks okay and doesn’t smell. Or isn’t covered in peanut butter. 

We share the same goals you do, which is to make a good living working from home by supporting individuals like you every single day. The only difference is that we’re able to help you as much as you are able to help us, and we love that. Most companies don’t actually care about the people who buy their product. Mo’ money, mo’ money, that’s it. You’re a bank account.

At Taxx Savage, from the minute you sign up for our newsletters or programs, you are US. We are you. You are part of the Pride and we walk with you every step of the way, building a network of people who work smarter instead of harder… who can make money from home online. 

The tax industry is the most reliable and legitimate industry in America. It’s recession-proof, plague-proof, and in constant demand, which means it’s one of the most legitimate ways to earn money from your home. With Taxx Savage you use our software and training to start your own tax preparation business. Every one of our packages gives you a complete foundation for tax preparation, including federal licensing and certification, training, and a solid platform with excellent software.

Once you get started, our team supports you with marketing, legal resources, and dedicated technical support. Want to go big? You can upgrade your marketing and we’ll set you up with a company website, brochures, and everything you need to get started to compete with the Big Guys. This is a great option if you plan to do returns all over the country or if you plan to really take it and make it by hiring other people or going into business with a friend since additional certifications are only $99! 

You’ll even have access to our exclusive Facebook community with content from our tax experts and a network of fellow entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, career transitioners, and side hustlers. Other people who have made it and can give you advice when you’re first starting out. 

We make sure to give you other ideas to make money from home during the year when it’s not tax season with additional classes to teach you how to have an actual business that lasts and make money from home online. Aside from that, there are also travel and real estate programs for those who are interested in them to keep income coming in all year. 

By the Numbers

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here. If I were you I’d be telling me to shut up already and give me the real numbers, so let’s do the math: 

You buy our starter package for $399, complete the training, and get yourself ready for tax season (meaning you make yourself a cup of coffee and open your laptop).

In the first two weeks you wind up getting 10 clients. The first couple take 30-40 minutes because you’re new at this but the rest go through really quick. You only spent about 4-5 hours total doing these 10 returns. 

For each return you charge $299, because you’re nice. If you live in an area where it makes sense to charge more you can charge $399 per return or if the return is more complicated even higher. But for the sake of argument, let’s say you charged $299 per return. 

10 returns x $299 = $2990 – $399 original cost of your software means you made $2591 in your first two weeks of tax season alone. 

And that’s a slow first couple of weeks! You’d make at least $5000 in your first month because maybe you don’t know a lot of people and you just posted some ads around the neighborhood or used another cheap or free advertising trick that we teach to our Pride to bring people in. 

It worked! You have clients! You have money! You got almost a full return on your investment with your very first client. The best part is that it didn’t take you 80 hours or 160 hours of your time to make that $5000 and you only spent $20 on advertising for the month!

Let’s break it down further:

4 hours each week for 10 client returns

1-2 hours each week advertising

Equals 20-22 hours per MONTH of work to earn $5000. 

Now this is for someone who is a serious beginner. They don’t know anyone and they are careful starting out, taking their time to really get things prepared right and making sure they know what they are doing.

What does a pro look like? What does the person who is in their 2nd year or the person who is ready for more look like? 

Let’s say you want to work full time. You can handle 6-8 hours a day and you are fully booked all day long with clients. You’ve almost got more clients than you know what to do with!

12-14 client returns per day

30-40 hours per week

$17,000 – $20,930 each WEEK

$68,000 – $83,720 per MONTH

If you’re a power player, know a lot of people, and are good at the salesy stuff, you can make serious cash. During tax season alone you could make well over $100,000 which is enough to last the entire YEAR. You work four months and you make money from home online while the rest of the time you’re free to do whatever you want, including other jobs, vacations, or another side hustle.

$299 is cheap. Again, you can charge more if you live in an area where tax preparers make a lot of money. Some people do nothing but business and corporate taxes, and they charge $600 – $3000 per tax filing. We’ll discuss pricing techniques, word-of-mouth advertising, coupons, and giving good value to your clients in our training courses. 

When you tell your friends how to make money from home – because you know you’re going to brag – you can get them started in partnership with you and make your business a Big Deal just like those national names are. Everyone has ideas to make money from home, but this one is actually for real. Pay yourself FIRST, don’t just get the leftovers from someone else’s business. 

If you’re sick of reading and want to do something to make this happen, click on the button below to learn more about the packages we offer. Everything from a little starter to a big deluxe, we’ve got you covered.



You don’t really need to be good at math for this to work. As long as you can use a calculator you’re fine because the tax software does the math for you. Not only that, but we file the taxes under our own EFIN number. That means that our own Taxx Savage tax auditor looks everything over personally to make sure you filled everything out correctly and gave the right disclosures. Our business is on the line, too!

That’s fine; you don’t have to know a lot of people. We’re going to teach you how to make money from home and be successful at it no matter what. I don’t know that many people either. I’m not a big social media person, but I hired people who are to help me. To be honest, if you post few flyers in your neighborhood and post few online ads in some secret spots we have you’ll get plenty of clients. Besides, you probably know more people than you think you do. And EVERYONE has to pay taxes so any teachers or neighbors or friends, they may as well pay you instead of the big tax companies. 

We have several options for you here. We have partnerships with travel and real estate companies if you’re sales-y and love social media. If you’re not (that’s me, too) then we have a course coming out soon you can buy as an upgrade that will teach you how to make money from home all year doing bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses. If you can find 3-10 businesses to do payroll and bookkeeping between tax seasons, you can make a nice income. Even doing the minimum during tax season you’ll make probably $8,000 – $10,000 during the season and then another $2,000 – $5,000 per month during the year from doing bookkeeping and payroll. Those are LOW numbers, by the way. I don’t want to inflate it here, but you can make a really sweet business for yourself whether you’re sales-y or not.

Nope. We’re cloud-based, which means you just need an internet connection. Plus having your business based at home gives you a reduction in your own tax liability so win-win for you!