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In taxation, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Tax professionals strive to deliver accurate results while navigating tax code complexities. The IRS gives tax professionals and firms a unique identifier called an EFIN, which is one of the key parts of this process. Taxx Savage offers a revolutionary “No EFIN Tax Software” solution that challenges the conventional norm. If you’re ready to streamline your tax preparation process without the EFIN hurdles, keep reading as we dive into the revolutionary world of no EFIN tax software.

Understanding EFIN Basics

Let’s start at the beginning. An EFIN, or Electronic Filing Identification Number, is an exclusive code granted by the IRS to authorized tax professionals and firms. This unique identifier allows professionals to electronically file tax returns on behalf of their clients. EFIN offers a secure way to trace and validate electronically filed returns, enhancing accountability and simplifying the filing process.

To obtain an EFIN the IRS has some requirements:

  • You must submit to a credit check and have credit in good standing
  • You must pass a tax compliance check
  • You must pass a criminal background check
  • The IRS must check if you have ever been non-compliant with your taxes in the past

For some people, any one of these can make it difficult to obtain an EFIN so they can file professionally and run their own tax business. They need a tax software, no EFIN required!

Why Do You Need An EFIN With Most Software?

Why do the majority of tax software companies insist on the EFIN prerequisite? Traditional software tax professionals was developed to seamlessly integrate with the EFIN system, making it necessary for tax pros to possess their individual EFIN for electronic filing. This requirement emerged from the IRS’ need for security and accountability, ensuring that only authorized entities could electronically submit tax returns. The tax software would link directly to the IRS’ EFIN system allowing them to be completely hands-off when it came to return transmissions.  

Why Do You Need An EFIN?

What Are The Benefits of No EFIN Tax Software? 

Taxx Savage’s innovative “No EFIN Tax Software” challenges the established EFIN-dependent model. This means that people who can’t meet the IRS’ standards for holding an EFIN, need more time to obtain it, lost their EFIN such as in a divorce or other issue, or just want someone to hold their hand while they learn the business can start right away.

  • Simplified Workflow: Without the EFIN requirement, tax professionals can avoid the complexities of acquiring their EFIN. This lets you focus on learning more about the tax industry and building your business model.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Getting and maintaining an EFIN costs money. No EFIN tax software significantly reduces these expenses and helps new business owners bootstrap their start up costs.
  • Inclusivity: Taxx Savage’s solution opens doors to everyone who wants to own their own business, including those who may have hesitated to venture into tax preparation due to EFIN-related barriers.
  • Effortless Compliance: No EFIN means no worries for new preparers as to whether they got everything right, and it takes the burden off of the head of office teams to double check every return. Cursory reviews of every return are already built into the system, giving you peace of mind.

How Can a Tax Preparer Get No EFIN Tax Software?

Ready to harness the benefits of tax software (no EFIN required) for your own tax business?

Follow these steps:

  • Explore What’s Out There: Begin by exploring various providers of no EFIN tax software. Evaluate features, user reviews, and customer support to identify a solution that suits your needs. Make sure to check if there is a limit on how many returns you can file each year, what the price is per return, and whether they take a portion of your returns (also called profit sharing). Often this won’t be disclosed until you receive the contract to sign so really check before picking a tax software.
  • Purchase: Once you’ve identified your preferred provider, put your documents like PTIN letter and identification and sign up. Make sure the package you purchase has everything you need and follow the instructions.
  • Training: Learn how to use the software you’ve purchased. Most providers offer training resources, tutorials, or customer support to help the onboarding process. Most tax software is exactly the same from year to year, they just update the software on the back end for tax code updates.
  • Use it!: Get your client information together and start using the software.

Next Steps After Purchasing No EFIN Tax Software

Once you’ve purchased the right software for your business, there are still a few things you need to do. Make sure you sign up for CE’s or continuous education classes each year from an IRS approved vendor. 

Use a tool such as a CRM (customer relationship management) system to keep communication with your clients open at all times and keep them in the loop all season long. Good CRMs and tax softwares usually have ways to streamline your workflow with document management, client management, data import, and the ability to run reports. They may offer advanced features to help with marketing, too. 

Tax Software

Don’t forget other important things like networking with other tax professionals. Join a dedicated group on Facebook, for example, to stay in the loop on important issues affecting tax preparation and tax businesses.

Embracing a New Era in Tax Filing 

The evolution of tax software takes a significant leap with Taxx Savage’s “No EFIN Tax Software.” This transformative approach challenges the status quo of EFIN dependency, presenting tax professionals and firms with a streamlined, cost-effective, and accessible electronic filing solution that works. Even better, a solution that is affordable and profit-driven for your business with a flat fee per return and no revenue sharing. 

Amidst an era of rapid change, embracing innovative solutions like this not only simplifies tax preparation but also creates opportunities for tax professionals to harness technology, elevate their services, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of taxation. It’s time to step into the future of tax filing – one without the EFIN roadblocks.


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