Why Build a Tax Prep Business?

The Pride

Sound Familiar?

Need Better Compensation

Require Schedule Flexibility

Want Upward Mobility

Want Equity You Might Sell

Enjoy Helping Small Business Owners

No Time for Degree Program

Want to Travel

Want to Take Care of Family

Want to Work from Home

Us, Too

Well, it sounded like us, too. And we couldn’t find the right suite of services to make it happen.

Yes, there are plenty of tax software providers out there. We even put together a tax software comparison chart and update it every year.

Some companies want a % of your revenue.

But other than Taxx Savage, none also want to help you grow your tax prep business. That’s what we wanted. We couldn’t find it. So we built it.

We wanted a business-in-a-box solution, so that means not just tools to process tax returns, but access to training so that you can actually market yourself, get your first clients, and grow your business year on year.

Members of The Pride Get the Benefits

Ease of Starting a Tax Prep Business

There are two components to a successful business:

In-demand products or services

The ability to consistently sell and deliver those profitably

At Taxx Savage, we’ve help 1000s make the jump from careers that were going nowhere to small business ownership.

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Why Start a Tax Prep Business
Small Business Owners

Lifestyle Benefits of Owning a Tax Prep Business

Many members of The Pride were working jobs that took too much time prior to working with us.

They had loved ones that needed to be cared for. Commuting to an office was time they would never get back.

As a tax prep business owner, you can work from wherever you want, when you want, and in the off-season, have the time to travel, garden, get in shape, fix up your home, or do whatever your heart desires.

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Compensation Benefits of Owning a Tax Prep Business

When you work hard, get a degree, then work harder for someone else’s business, you expect your compensation to grow appropriately over time.

For many people, that never happens.

The beauty of a tax prep business is that if you build your client base, you can make more money during tax season (January through April) than you were in a full calendar year at your old job.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

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Recent Testimonials

Dave McGee – 04/11/2024

"Updated the required information quickly and efficiently! Great customer service!"

Jen Lockwood – 04/02/2024

" This company is amazing to work with during the tax season. They were always available and prompt when responding to questions or issues that needed further assistance. Also, I was always paid within 2-3 days after the client's taxes deposited into their bank account. The pricing for services to use bank products are reasonably priced and allowed me to get my preparer fee taken directly out of the clients refund. I would definitely recommend Tax Savage to any preparer that wants to succeed in the tax business and needs access software via a reliable company!! "

Jiniah Jones – 03/25/2024

"My experience with Taxx Savage has been amazing! Any question or concern I have had I always got an answer right then and there! If it was something that needed to be researched the Team will get back ASAP with your answers. This has been the best experience I have had with a Tax team and I will continue to use them for many years to come! If you are thinking about joining, DO IT ! You will be very satisfied with the team and experience!"

Brian Koehler – 03/15/2024

” Amazing company to do business with. Their support team is excellent and is there for you always. We had a small hiccup with a payment that never made it to me from the return I did and they resolved it very quickly and effortlessly and didn’t make me wait longer than it’s already been. I will forever recommend this company. Amazing staff. “

Sondra Baylor – 02/20/2024

I don’t even know where to start! It didn’t take me long to figure out that this is the business that I wanted to business with. Working for other people filing taxes and getting clients, but not seeing any revenue from it was getting old. The fact that I get to SEE ALL THE REVENUE from filing taxes was all I needed to hear. They even sent me a demo to see how the software worked! FOR FREE!!! I worked with Beverly and she was absolutely AMAZING! Taxx Savage wants you to succeed. I absolutely love it. I do recommend this software and working with them to build your own business!

Timothy Conroy – 12/01/2023

"Beverly was very kind and polite and very motivating and gave me a better understanding of what starting a tax preparing business consists of and the necessary requirements that need to be done and the experience that is required"

Mike Hayes – 3/31/2023

"The software is very versatile. The customer support is first rate. Ms Beverly Newton will not stop until your issue is resolved completely. Outstanding support!"

Ty Farrow – 10/25/2023

"This company is a Godsend. I am excited about the future and taking my company to the next level."

Brandy House – 10/23/2023

" I reached out on the chat to get a question answered but I got a phone call Beverly took her time to explain to me what was needed and what direction I could go. She gave me a wealth of knowledge, this company actually cares about the people they take on and help you to the next level. She was sure to inform me that since this was my first year of the steps I should take. I didn’t feel pressured and this conversation was so genuine. I was super excited and impressed that I haven’t stop putting things in motion. I will be forever grateful. "
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